Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam - image

Polyethylene Foam - image
Polyethylene Foam is
- Durable and lightweight
- Resistant to high and low temperature (-45C +90 C)
- Resistant to moisture
- Chemically inert
- Abrasion resistant
- Flexible and easy in making the appropriate shape
- Depreciation shock and impact of packaged goods
- Polyethylene foam is completely recyclable
The foams are typically produced with a width of 1000 mm, 1250 mm and 1500 mm in nawojach dependent on the thickness of the mat. The request can be made in other latitudes mat.
Polyethylene foam has a closed-cell structure, standard color white. In order manufactured in other colors as well as anti-static products.
Soft foam structure decided that they were widely used in the packaging of all kinds of products, with very good surface protection sheathed. For the client's needs are formatted foam to form strips of desired width or workpieces of predetermined dimensions.