We produce packaging materials for the furniture and automotive.

The high quality of our products has allowed us to get cetyfikat European institutes: LGA Norymbega, SKZ Würzburg, VDA Frankfurt

Our offer

We produce packaging materials for the furniture and automotive, that is: LDPE polyethylene foam (mats in rolls, tiles, moldings), polyethylene LDPE (mats, bags), Polyethylene HDPE rigid plates (spacers) sprayings of HDPE products (pallet type EWPS) paperboard products (tabs, boxes)

We also offer thermal insulation of foamed polyethylene. To see our products, please choose one of the following categories.

Thermal insulation

We offer you cover Poolflex PE insulation and mats Poolmat insulation. We have a wide range of sizes and types of insulation PE, depending on the needs.


Packaging can be a great protection and security of the goods before external factors, in particular against damage mechanical. Therefore, our solutions are ideal for use in transport and storage of various goods.

For the cosmetics industry

We offer you the products addressed to the cosmetic industry. We produce disposable foam products, such as flip flops or separators.

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