Our products Poyethylen have found your application in the packaging industry as the perfect protection during transport, particularly against external influences, especially against mechanical damage. Therefore, our solutions are ideal for transporting and storage of various products.
The packaging materials we offer are of high quality, which is also confirmed by the German, technical certificates. Our products are well proven in the furniture and automotive industries, is inserting but you can also in many other industries, where one has to do with valuable goods which could easily be damaged during transport.
We always try to meet customers' individual needs using our experience to create the best protection against damage their product for them.

Polyethylene Foam

Category: Packing materials
Polyethylene Foam is
- Durable and lightweight
- Resistant to high and low temperature (-45C +90 C)
- Resistant to moisture
- Chemically inert
- Abrasion resistant
- Flexible and easy in making the appropriate shape
- Depreciation shock and impact of packaged goods
- Polyethylene foam is completely recyclable

PE protective Profile

Category: Packing materials
PE protective profiles are ideal for the protection of the most vulnerable to mechanical damage, such as countertops edges, corners, glass.
We offer a limited profile:
- Profiles C (półrura wall thickness 4 mm - 25 mm and diameter of 6 mm - 118 mm)
- The profile O (pipe wall thickness of 4 mm - 25 mm and diameter of 6 mm - 118 mm
- Profiles Omega
- L profiles
- U-profiles
- The profile
- OP profile (solid shaft)
- OPP profile (collar)

PE Plates

Category: Packing materials
Production of the foam is heat-sealing layers of the mat, until the desired thickness of the product. The tiles are manufactured as standard with a width of 1000 mm and 1200 mm and then formatted into a plate with a length of 2 m on request can be made boards in other dimensions. Soft texture mats decided that they were widely used in the packaging of all kinds of products, with very good surface protection sheathed.
Plates POOLMAT mat very easily lend themselves to cold treatment by cutting, milling, gluing. Cut in shape? Puzzles? can be made ​​into a monolithic surface.

Foam Inserts - Fillings

Category: Packing materials
We cut foam elements of polyethylene foam. Foams may have any shape and very different applications. Used as filling in cartons, tool boxes, in medicine for transport of glass elements.
If you are interested in an offer for parts cut PE foam, please send us a question. Cut out elements of different foams for both cross-linked foam and niesieciowanej.
We are happy to propose a packaging solution for your needs.

Corners Foam

Category: Packing materials
Wir sind ein Hersteller von Schaum Ecken einzigen aus einem Stück aus Schaumstoff geschnitten.
Ecken sind ideal für den Schutz von Ecken in Möbel, elektrische Geräte, Schutz und als in Cartons.
Um die von den Ecken For Use Schaums zu des erleichtern, bieten wir Ihnen spezielle Klebepunkte, die keine Spuren und auf dem product erleichtern den Aufbau von Ecken.
  • Corner 75/10 - Durchmesser 75mm, 10mm Dicke ...

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